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Helping Your Children Follow Instructions

Following instructions is one of the most important social skills that children develop. Be it in the classroom, at home with the family or on the sporting field, a child who can listen, understand and then follow instructions and directions will go a long way.

Fact Sheet: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Children

This fact sheet provides general information around ADHD for parents and carers including the signs of ADHD in children, diagnosis, treatment and support.

How to Prepare Your Child for Starting School

Strategies for parents to support the transition to ‘big school’.

How to Support Children Through a Meltdown

We have some great tips and strategies for supporting your child through a meltdown and encouraging self-regulation.

Strategies to Support ADHD in the Classroom

Learn about the classroom adjustments you can make to give students with ADHD the best opportunity to learn.

Sensory Processing

Sensory processing refers to the way a person sorts, interprets and responds to sensation from their body, environment and the world around them.

NDIS Service Agreement

Learning Links’ NDIS service agreement for families accessing services with funding from their child’s NDIS plan.

Successful Study Skills

Studying is an important part of learning but it can be a difficult task for students if they don’t have the right skills. Learn about some different study skills to support your child’s learning.