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Video: Visual Communication Strategies

This video with Learning Links’ speech pathologist, Karen, outlines the visual communication strategies you can use to support your child’s development.

Supporting Children with Autism in Preschool Settings

Supporting children on the autism spectrum in early childhood can empower them to build vital skills that last a lifetime. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)  is a developmental disorder impacting social skills, language and communication, sensory sensitivities and rigid or repetitive behaviours. Autism is a spectrum disorder meaning each person with […]

Helping children on the autism spectrum understand social cues

Helpful tips for teachers to support children on the autism spectrum in understanding social cues in the classroom

How to Prepare Your Child for Starting School

Strategies for parents to support the transition to ‘big school’.

Homework Strategies for Learning Difficulties

By Renee Irving-Lee, Children’s Book Author © 2019 Learning Links It’s homework time again and there’s nothing but tears, refusal, arguments, tantrums, meltdowns or complete avoidance and procrastination. Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Why does homework have to be such an epic battle every night? Sound familiar? It’s important for parents to think about […]


We offer a range of assessments to help identify children’s strengths and needs, and ensure the right supports can be put in place.

Social Inclusion in the Playground

Simple strategies for teachers to promote inclusion in their students.

How to Apply for the NDIS – A Practical Guide

We’ve created a practical guide to help you understand and navigate the NDIS with confidence.