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Fact Sheet: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Children

This fact sheet provides general information around ADHD for parents and carers including the signs of ADHD in children, diagnosis, treatment and support.

Mindfulness for Children and Young People

Mindfulness activities can have a positive impact on children’s emotional wellbeing and learning. Learn some simple ways to encourage mindfulness in your children.

How to Support Children Through a Meltdown

We have some great tips and strategies for supporting your child through a meltdown and encouraging self-regulation.

Managing Separation Anxiety in Children

Learn how to identify separation anxiety in your child and some strategies to help them cope during significant transitions.

Supporting Children with Autism in Preschool Settings

Supporting children on the autism spectrum in early childhood can empower them to build vital skills that last a lifetime. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)  is a developmental disorder impacting social skills, language and communication, sensory sensitivities and rigid or repetitive behaviours. Autism is a spectrum disorder meaning each person with […]

Helping children on the autism spectrum understand social cues

Helpful tips for teachers to support children on the autism spectrum in understanding social cues in the classroom

Supporting Positive Behaviour in Children

A helpful guide for parents to encourage positive behaviour in children to support healthy relationships, communication and social skills.

Helping Your Children Follow Instructions

Following instructions is one of the most important social skills that children develop. Be it in the classroom, at home with the family or on the sporting field, a child who can listen, understand and then follow instructions and directions will go a long way.