Useful Links

Some links that you may find of interest:


Advocate for Children & Young People


Australian Association of Special Education


ADDitude Magazine for People with ADD


Apraxia Kids


Aspect (formerly Autism Association of NSW)


Australian Dyslexia Association


Australian Health Directory


Barnardos Australia – Support services with children with a disability


Carers NSW


Centre for Community Child Health (CCCH)


Cerebral Palsy Alliance


Cerebral Palsy Australia


Cerebral Palsy Group


Cerebral Palsy Guidance


Child Magazine – A monthly parenting publication


Children’s Services Central
Offers information about other people’s training that may be of interest to children’s services in NSW.


The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)
An international professional organisation dedicated to individuals with exceptionalities, students with disabilities and/or the gifted.


Down Syndrome Association of NSW


The Dyspraxia Foundation


Early Childhood Australia


Early Childhood Intervention Australia (NSW Chapter) Incorporated


Global Education – Teacher resources to encourage a global perspective across the curriculum.


Epilepsy Association


The Family Support Services Association of NSW


Headspace – National Youth Mental Health Foundation


Health Translations Directory


The International Dyslexia Association




Kids Helpline
Offers a safe, fun and interactive place for kids and young people to explore issues that are important to them.


An interactive guide to learning disabilities for parents, teachers and children


Learning Difficulties Coalition NSW Incorporated


Learning Disabilities – National Institutes


Local Business Guide


Local Business Hills District


The National Attention Deficit Disorder Association
An organisation built around the needs of young adults with ADD and ADHD.


National Centre for Learning Disabilities


National Disability Insurance Scheme


Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Australia Limited


Northcott Early Childhood Autism Service (NECAS)


NSW Assocation for Gifted & Talented Children


NSW Government – Family & Community Services Ageing, Disability and Home Care


NSW Department of Education
School a to z practical help for parents


Occupational Therapy Australia


Open College – Teaching children with ADHD


Parent Help Lines
These help lines operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the cost of a local call.

New South Wales – 1300 1300 52


ACT – 6287 3833


Victoria – 13 22 89


South Australia – 1300 364 100


Queensland & Northern Territory – 1300 30 1300


Parenting NSW
Practical tips, information and resources to help make parenting a little easier.



Parenting SA
Promoting the vale of parents and the important role of parenting.


Playgroups NSW


The Australian Psychological Society


Raising Children Network
Providing information that can help parents with the day to day decisions of raising children and looking after their own needs


Online support service for young people going through a tough time and looking for information on mental health issues.


Reading Writing Hotline
The Reading Writing Hotline is a national adult literacy service.


Resilient Youth Australia

Siblings Australia


Speech Pathology Australia


Specific Learning Difficulties Association of NSW .


St George Local Childcare Directory


Strengthening Families Resourcing Parents
Parenting resources and facts sheets in different languages.


Teach This
Provides high quality, cost effective, curriculum based printable resources designed specifically for teachers, parents and homeschoolers.


Transition to school


Wendy Lawson
Sharing her journey and understanding of ASD.